February 26, 2008


Just an update my back issue. The MRI results proved that I have degenerative disc disease. It has affected 3 of my 5 lower vertebrae. They have quite a lot of bone calcification around them and because of degeneration of the soft tissue it is pushing the nerve into my spinal column. That is what must be causing the pain. The good news is that it can be repaired! There is an option to having surgury now and it is quite phenomenal. The Chiro I'm going to has this wonderful "machine" called the DRX9000. It is a table that lays you back and separates at the lower back stretching the vertebrae so the lymphatic fluid can rehydrate the discs. It takes 25-45mins a "stretch" and the only uncomfortable thing about it is the harness they put you in to keep you in the same position while you are being stretched. After just one treatment today, my pain level has drastically been reduced tonight, compared to last night at this time! These treatments will be quite extensive going in every day for 4 days a week, for 2 months. Each treatment lasts about 1and 1/2 hours each day by the time they put ice packs on afterwards and give the deep muscle massage.

I am so thrilled for the opportunity to "get better", to actually have no pain when this is all through! I am so grateful to God for the timing of the whole thing, the availability of help, and for my wonderful husband in "affording" this for me!

If anyone has long time back issues that seem hopeless, this very well could be your answer. I want to tell everyone about it! It is painless, non invasive, and it doesn't "alter" your body like surgery would. Dr. Hooper is truly a blessing and I would recommend him to anyone. I have a DVD for anyone who would like more education on it.


fatquiver said...

What an answer to prayer!

Maureen said...

We'll keep praying for you Sandy. So glad to hear of the hope you have found in the treatment. Looking forward to seeing you "back on your feet" and without pain!

Much Love and prayers,