October 29, 2008

The Flight Museum in Seattle, WA was amazing. I would recommend it to anyone, airplane enthusiast or not. Real, full size airplanes of all times in history were sitting everywhere complete with their life size plastic pilots. All the guys took a dizzying ride on a simulator while we girls strolled around 'ooing' and 'ahhing' at the displays. One of my favorite exhibits was one portraying the evolution of Stewardess uniforms. Some of those outfits were quite well . . . interesting! :-) Cute!

Waiting, waiting, waiting . . .
These fellows popped up all over!

Hi Jayni!

Someone needed help with their paper airplane. :-)

Hi Jacob!

President Parish!


After we finished at the museum, everyone piled back into the car. Traveling down the highways of Washington was lovely. Lush greenery, blue, blue skies, and dear friends just up the road. The Butler family have been longtime friends and brethren in Christ. Donna was my Mom's homeschooling mentor, and her girls, Breta and Codi, my adopted older sisters. Now we are all grown up and most have families of their own. The hospitality of the Butlers was warm and loving and it was special to be together again.

Donna, Codi, and little Andrew

Sitting around the Butler table once again, enjoying a delicious meal together.

Mom and Donna have been through much together.

Our last stop was to see a new friend, Kathy Lewis. She served us a delicious lunch with the added blessing of great conversation. Thanks Kathy!