January 31, 2007

Since Max has decided to come home and do school full time, we have all enjoyed having more time with him!

He's the best floor mopper around, and Lilly loves to offer her moral support. :-)

"Max is our hero!"

Wild, Wild Weather

When 'sunny' is replaced with 'freezing', Orange Cove, California declares a state of emergency! The unusually frigid weather we've been experiencing has hit our orange groves hard. Consequently, everyone who depends on their industry: the farmers, workers, local businesses, and packing houses, not to mention the tastebuds of consumers, are enduring record-breaking losses. God has sent us yet another reminder that He can change our lives using a force beyond our control; the wild, wild weather!

Orange Cove has hit national news because of the disaster. An estimated 80% of the city's population depends on the citrus industry for food. Local businesses suffer because residents don't have money to spend. Desperate farmers endure exhaustion as they battle to save their crops. Workers worry about how to feed their families. "This is devestation" Orange Cove Mayor Victor Lopez told the press. " For Orange Cove, it is the worst disaster we've seen in the history of our city."

Sally Parish reporting on location. Orange Cove, CA.

January 29, 2007

"Mama? Do the angels sing at night?"


January 19, 2007

A few weeks ago, we had the privilage of driving up to Oakhurst to spend a wonderful New Year's at the Telian's home. This family blessed us once again with their energy, their wonderful hospitality, and loads of fun! :-) Unfortunately, we did not come home with very many pictures (we were enjoying fellowship too much) but we do have a few. Thanks again, Telians!

All the guys, enjoying one of Mrs. Telian's delicious meals.

The girls loved Susannah's story reading. :-)

'Banging' in the New Year. :-P A lot of laughter erupted in those moments!

Yummy, yum, yum!

Mom, enjoying the evening.

Miss Julia, charming us with her adorable smiles.


The other day, Lillyann was able to get all our names out:

Dat (Dad)
Momma (Mom)
Maaa (Max)
Elll (Sally)
Bop (Bob or Simon)
Em (Jeremy)
Jawnee (Jayni)
Bee-cup (Jacob)

January 06, 2007

Holiday Cheer

This holiday season, we had the opportunity to praise, worship, and honor Christ more than ever before. In a word, it was wonderful!

Last month was also a season of "firsts" for the Parishes. :-) It was the first Christmas and first birthday of our sweet little Jaelynn Grace, the first Christmas we celebrated with our precious new children, the first birthday we celebrated with Jacob, and the first time we exchanged gifts. It was the first Christmas that a nativity set graced our piano, and our house was cozily decorated more than ever. ;-)

All these new things made December a unique month that was significant in the change of thinking that we have been experiencing the past two years.

The pictures below are a summary of our holiday season!

Happy Birthday Jacob (December 17)! Praying that you will grow to be a man of valor, and humility. May you become a man who is close to the heart of God.

We love you!

Max is Lilly's knight-in-shining-armor. Her world stops when he walks in the door, and she is enthralled with his smile . . . or is it Max the enthralled one? ;-P You'll have to come visit us to find out.

Happy Birthday Jaelynn (December 23)! She greatly enjoyed her chocolate cake, much to the amusement of everyone around. :-)
Praying that you will grow to be a virtuous woman, Jaelynn girl, and one who loves the Lord your God with all your mind, soul and strength! What a blessing this year with Jaelynn has been. She is a such a gift.

Here's the clan at Grace Community Church, waiting for their Christmas concert to begin. We enjoyed this concert the same day we took our family pictures with Daniel and Kendra. Amazed and inspired by this majestic outpouring of praise, we all were awed again by the miracle of Christ's incarnation.

Jaelynn is growing up so fast, and is walking now. Every time we see her we are all amazed at how much she has grown and changed. :-)

The Seymour children preformed in the Fresno homeschool choir this year, and we had the opportunity to attend! It was a fun night, and we enjoyed their beautiful voices.

Christmas time. . .

Blowin' out the candle!

Our sweet Christmas baby.

December is just not complete without a gingerbread house! ;-)

This picture is a few months old, but since we missed Thanksgiving on our blog, I thought I'd pop it in here! Actually, Kendra has a whole bunch of pictures on her blog at www.laparishs.com of that special day. It was great to have our first Thanksgiving at Dan and Kendra's house, and see the traditions being passed down. ;-)
All for now!

Dinner with the Castangs

Mr. Castang's playing and singing made a jolly time for all of us!

I showed Mrs. Castang the latest horse book I'd been reading,

and we all enjoyed some great guitar music!

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed a lovely evening with Mr. and Mrs. Castang and Matt Creek. The Castangs have been a large part of our lives over the year and have reached out so much to our family. Mr. Castang is a flight instructer, and taught Max how to fly in exchange for yard work. Mrs. Castang has been my equine mentor, and has taught me so much from her years of horse experience. Now, Jeremy is learning from her also, in exchange for work up at her ranch. They have been a great blessing, and we are so thankful for their willingness to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. Matt is a young man we have met through the Castang's. He rides with Mrs. Castang also and is her "son" in her heart.

It was a great evening, with Mr. Castang keeping us in stitches, singing old patriotic songs, and playing some lively games of spoons. :-)

Tea Parties

Jayni and Lilly recently were given a darling little tea set by Mom. They have been playing with it constantly since, and have enjoyed many tea parties! :-) Sometimes a gentleman is needed to make the party complete, so Jacob happily obliged.