March 27, 2010

Family Time

March 28, 2010

After the conference, we were able to spend some precious family time. Our friend Nathan, from Illinois, took a group picture, and the rest of the day we enjoyed a rest in the beauty of the outdoors.

Uncle Jeremy and Livy

Dan and Emmy

Auntie Jenny - we miss you!!

After we took the family picture, Max, Jenny, and Graham walked back to the house to pack up while the rest of meandered our way down, me snapping pictures of girlies all the way back. :-) One of my favorite things to do!

Funny faces . . .

Baby fingers.

Tears, hugs, and goodbyes. The worst part of the day was waving goodbye to Max and Jenny!

Even Graham doesn't like goodbyes! :-)


After saying goodbye to Max and Jenny, we all rambled out to the fields to enjoy some exercise.

Uncle Simon and Jaelynn

Jacob in his element. :-) Frogs.

Stopping to enjoy the view


The next day, Tuesday, we took Nathan up to see the giant sequoia trees. It was fun to soak in the mountain air while getting better acquainted.

Have a wonderful week!

RTM - Saturday

March 28, 2010

Bright and early Saturday morning, the Cox twins began the main conference day by reciting a poem about manhood.

Dad spoke once in the morning and once in the afternoon. His first talk was titled, "Rise Up and Act Like Men". His second, "Fathers, Grandfathers, and Sons".

Listening . . .

Jean-Paul Chenette, pastor of Oak Brook church in Thousand Oaks, where Dan and Kendra attend, was gracious enough to drive up and present his talk titled: "Pure Hearts, Powerful Lives, Productive Days".

After lunch, the men and women broke up into two sessions. All the ladies gathered in the house to hear Mom share, while the men stayed in the shop for Max's talk on purity.

All the gals.
Sharing . . .

Besides Max's session on Saturday, he also spoke on Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Byer managed all the food during the conference. She made sure that all the food was properly prepared and set out in time for both meals. Because of her service, Mom was able to have time to prepare for her session and welcoming people as hostess. You were an enormous blessing Mrs. Byer. Thank-you so much!

Lots and lots of food!

Volleyball during lunch break.

The rocks along the walking trails were perfect for an impromtu photo shoot!

Sharing food and fellowship.

Sugar and spice!

After dinner, Daniel and David Mannlein both shared their personal testimonies of God's redemptive power in their lives for salvation. It was a very special and emotional time of praise for God's great goodness!

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