April 28, 2009

Celestial Surgeon

April 28, 2009

The Celestial Surgeon

If I have faltered more or less
In my great task of happiness;
If I have moved among my race
And shown no shining morning face;

If beams from happy human eyes
Have moved me not; if morning skies,
Books, and my food, and summer rain
Knocked on my sullen heart in vain: -
Lord, thy most pointed pleasure take
And stab my spirit broad awake.

~Robert Louis Stevenson

April 27, 2009

Right to Life Benefit

April 27, 2009

This event took place a few months ago, but I wanted to recognize it anyway. Raylene Werzinski organized a successful benefit concert and silent auction to support two organizations: Right to Life and the Pregnancy Care Center. Included in the concert were prefomances by the PSCA Girl's Ensemble, Max, Jenny, and Simon, (I just realized I don't have a picture of them!) Simon and Conner, and a beautiful rendition of "It is Well" from the Werzinski family singers. Along with the concert, many contributed to the silent auction, filling up the tables with a variety of choices. This was a special evening, and God truly blessed it financially.

Jonathan Keller represented Fresno Right to Life. His informative talk let us know how the ministry is doing, and opportunities to help.

Raylene had also organized a representive from the Pregnancy Care Center to come inform the audience about the mission of FPCC, the wonderful way they have impacted the community, and the great things God has done through their ministry. We were so thankful for this education, and praise God for the work both of these organizations are doing to preserve and protect life. (Please excuse this picture -I know the microphone is covering her mouth, but it was the only one I had.)

The PSCA Girl's Ensemble filled the church with song, their voices blending beautifully.

Here are the Werzinski children harmonizing on "It is Well".

Mr. Werzinski kept us all smiling with his introductions. :-)

We discovered the beauty of violin and guitar in this stunning husband-wife preformance.

The silent auction gave us all an opportunity to get to know each other in a new way. :-) Friendly threats and banter flew across the bidding table as we circled round and round.

Okay . . . these photos are out of order . . . ;-P This is back to the concert, where Simon and Conner preformed together in several duets.

A sisters shot of Shauna, Kayla, and Raylene Werzinski.

Cellos and smiles go together nicely, don't you agree?

This beautiful handmade set of jewelry was just one of the items up for auction.

During the concert, we were also treated to an eight hand piano piece. Wow!

April 20, 2009


I enjoyed a special night out with my 'sisters' recently when we visited a local theater to watch Little Women. This long awaited event was a birthday present to Jenny from the McCracken family, and I felt so blessed to be a part of it. Along with the play, Mrs. McCracken and Kaylee served us a scrumptious dinner, dessert, and breakfast in the morning! Thank-you McCrackens, for this special time together!

Playing with Graham before heading for home the next morning.

Playtime continues here at home!

Dad trying out the Ergo. It was a great combination!

Mom was inspired one recent afternoon and decided we needed a color change. The difference has been fun!

April 18, 2009

Caution: The Photograph Below May Be Disturbing to Bookworms

Results of a recent book purge. We now have a few less of Max's "10,000,000 boxes of books." (so kindly labeled by an exasperated shop cleaner whom we shall leave unnamed.)

April 04, 2009

Return to Manhood Conference

What began as a discussion around the dinner table became a weekend of encouragement! We hosted a conference titled, "Return to Manhood" as a way to uplift the men and young men among us. We were blessed with the help of many dear friends who pitched in to make this possible, and learned so much in the 'getting ready' process! The insights of each speaker demonstrated how God uses different gifts within his people, but His principles of manhood remain the same. A HUGE thanks to everyone who helped in big and small ways to bring this special weekend about. We were humbled by your love and are thankful to all who came.

Waiting for everyone to arrive Friday night.

Jacob made sure the trucks were situated correctly for the little boys. ;-)

So many friends pitched in to help that we had about two, completely stress free hours before the conference started on Friday night. Wow! :-)

Aunt Kaylee cuddling with Graham.

We sang,
and visited,
and listened to Max's opening talk, "Return to Manhood."

He also presented a purity talk that was limited to boys only. :-) Don't have anything to share about that one!

Dad's topic on Saturday morning was titled, "Rise Up and Act Like Men."

All the children who attended the conference were star troopers. I was blessed by their cheerfulness throughout the weekend.

Kendra is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Lundquist, from North Carolina. They were in California for a business trip, and arrived at our home just in time for the conference.

Fascinating stories were read by Mrs. Jacobson, who was a former elementary teacher. She is now a Grandma! We are rejoicing with her in that news.

Many little girls scampered all over during the weekend, clapping . . .

and cultivating industriousness.

Listening closely,

and sharing moments of joy,

and love.
Daniel's talk was titled, "Apprenticeship and Entrepreneurship: A Vision for Hard Work and the Joy Therein".

Mr. Telian presented, "Following God in the Workplace".

Mr. McCracken spoke on "All of Life Redeemed".

Mr. Becker finished up the day with "FISHing - Redefining Stewardship".

We ended the day with a yummy potluck supper, games with the children, and of course, much visiting.

(After I loaded all these photos, I asked Mom to review my post. She did so, and remarked disappointingly on the lack of 'boy' pictures. :-) It was a conference directed to men, but you may not know that just by the photos! There were plenty of boys there however, I just need to swallow my shyness and point the lens towards them in the future. I'm sorry . . . ;-)