February 29, 2008


Enjoying the 'Mountain'

As winter is passing into spring, there has been many opportunities to enjoy our mountain. One gray afternoon, Simon poked his head in the door and announced that he was going to go climb the mountain. I was sitting on the computer and the wild urge came upon me to go with him! So off we hiked. The view was fantastic since the horizon was clear, and the rain didn't catch us until we were almost down. We enjoyed some thoughtful conversation while we sat on the rocks together and our hike together created some priceless together time.

It's been fun to take the children up a little ways also. Here's Jacob doing some rock climbing. :-)

If you look closely, you can see Simon near the top of the picture. He's a much faster hiker than I. ;-)

As I passed this tree I couldn't resist taking some pictures. The bark was stuffed full of acorns! I wonder why?


For the Common Good

This is a blog started by my Dad to publish his thoughts and writings.

May God bless this blog and use it for His glory! I love you Dad.

In Celebration Of . . .

The birth of Kaylee, the McCracken family hosted a dance! What fun it was to get out all our costumes, but a little deflating to find we only had about half the clothes we thought we did . . . :-) Ah well, it was a lovely evening with a Scottish flair, beautiful costumes, and plenty of room to dance! We learned several new dances, one being the 'Lizzy-Darcy' dance from Pride and Prejudice. Because they used music off of You Tube, we even had the pleasure of their conversation! :-) The other new dance was a Scottish one which we never quite perfected but had a blast in the meantime. A big thank-you to Mr. McCracken, whose patience and skill in calling enabled us to have such a great time.
As the evening drew to a close, Mr. McCracken put on some toe-tapping music and, thanks to the leading of Maci and her father Mr. Davis, we filled the floor with polka dancers. I've never had the experience of dancing the polka, but a worthy experience it was and one I would gladly repeat if given the opportunity. :-)

Doing the polka

My fellow photographer. The pews on the stage provided a great height for pictures. :-)

Mrs. Clark . . . choir director, musician, teacher, inspiration. She helped us keep to the beat by clapping while we were learning a new dance.

Good times
Happy Birthday Kaylee! :-)

Connor decided to try the dance a new way. :-)


February 26, 2008

Blog Changes

Our blog is under 'construction' at the moment . . . we'll have everything back to the new normal soon! :-)


Just an update my back issue. The MRI results proved that I have degenerative disc disease. It has affected 3 of my 5 lower vertebrae. They have quite a lot of bone calcification around them and because of degeneration of the soft tissue it is pushing the nerve into my spinal column. That is what must be causing the pain. The good news is that it can be repaired! There is an option to having surgury now and it is quite phenomenal. The Chiro I'm going to has this wonderful "machine" called the DRX9000. It is a table that lays you back and separates at the lower back stretching the vertebrae so the lymphatic fluid can rehydrate the discs. It takes 25-45mins a "stretch" and the only uncomfortable thing about it is the harness they put you in to keep you in the same position while you are being stretched. After just one treatment today, my pain level has drastically been reduced tonight, compared to last night at this time! These treatments will be quite extensive going in every day for 4 days a week, for 2 months. Each treatment lasts about 1and 1/2 hours each day by the time they put ice packs on afterwards and give the deep muscle massage.

I am so thrilled for the opportunity to "get better", to actually have no pain when this is all through! I am so grateful to God for the timing of the whole thing, the availability of help, and for my wonderful husband in "affording" this for me!

If anyone has long time back issues that seem hopeless, this very well could be your answer. I want to tell everyone about it! It is painless, non invasive, and it doesn't "alter" your body like surgery would. Dr. Hooper is truly a blessing and I would recommend him to anyone. I have a DVD for anyone who would like more education on it.

February 19, 2008

Prayer Request

To our readers: If the Lord brings us to mind, please pray for Mom. She has been in bed with agonizing back pain for the past five days or so. The pain was so wrenching she could hardly turn over in bed yesterday, but was able to stand and even walk a little today. Dad drove her in to visit Dr. Hooper, a chiropractor in Fresno, who scheduled her for an MRI on Saturday. Watching your Mom endure such a trial is an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone. She has so sweetly waited this out, and is an inspiration to me! Thank-you so much for your prayers.

Meanwhile, this has given me a deeper opportunity to discover what being a Mom is about!

February 18, 2008

Wedded at Last (or rather, posted at last!)

Anyone who has been through the adventure of courtship knows how truly an adventure it is. :-) The emotion of Max and Jenny's courtship was culminated at their wedding. Quiet times of reflection, private words of encouragement, open exhortation, excitement, jitters, tears, lots of pictures, smiles, many hugs, and an intense love for each other sprinkled the day with feeling that would not soon be forgotten. In essence, God was there. If you know the greatness of the God who reigns over all, that sentence is all that needs to be said in description of the beauty of that day. The God who brought Max and Jenny together anointed their wedding with His glorious presence. His Spirit's golden light of love and sweetness held us all captive.

All praise belongs to the Lord God Almighty for His graciousness and love to us. For allowing us to witness the fruit of generational love and faithfulness. To bless us with the opportunity to witness true love. A glimpse of the glory we have awaiting us in the Marriage of the Lamb.

Below are a scattering of pictures throughout the day. Thank-you to all those who contributed their photography skills for us! Thank-you to all our precious friends and family whose love and support has lifted us up time and time again throughout this entire experience. We love each one of you and thank-you from the bottom of our hearts.

Purity, love, and honor

The new Mr. and Mrs. Parish!

Enjoying dinner together

Family time! Looks like someone else had the same idea our photographer did . . . Gotcha Uncle Jeff!

Engrossed . . . From left, Great Grandma Lucille, Grandma Shirley, and Aunt Bobbie (Grandma Shirley's sister)

Grandma, who was visiting when we were first beginning our friendship with McCrackens, was such an encouragement through the busy month of preparation.

My beautiful Great Grandma Lucille

Uncle Chuck, (Aunt Bobbie's husband) always provides great comic relief. :-)
Kaylee's smile shone like a sunbeam throughout the drippy day!

The videographer, Peter Telian, created opportunity for friends to share blessings, thoughts, and / or encouragement for Max and Jenny through personal 'camera time'.

The day of the wedding turned out to be chilly with a few drips here and there. Here, Jenny is surrounded with helpers trying to keep her warm, and hold her dress out of the wet. :-)

Another Mr. and Mrs. Parish family. I love you guys!!

Butterfly kisses with Daddy

Trying to stay warm and available for pictures!

There was love in the air . . .

Lilly getting some loves from 'Mackie'

Staying warm in the church during picture time.

Loving little adjustments
No more pictures please, thank-you!

Our sweet little flower girls fueling up.

Max-n- Jenny

A few Parish men . . .

And a few more!What a blessing brothers are. Simon, always ready to hold my bouquet when the camera called my name, Daniel, filling his role of Best Man so well, giving hugs when needed, praying with us, flowing over with love, Jeremy, helping to keep our spirits light when things got a little stressful . . . and Max, getting married! It feels like just yesterday when I clung to Max's shoulder, balling my eyes out with emotion after Daniel's wedding.
Yes, brothers are a blessing.

Mother-daughter time

Kaylee and I have been blessed to have each other during this time of adjustment and joy. She truly felt like my sister as we laughed and cried together throughout the day.

Jayni and Jacob, all spiffed up.
Way to go Max!

My precious Mom and Grandma. I love you both so much.

No day of celebration is complete without a litte dancing!

Going over the details
This is a little out of order. . . (a 'little' you say?) but here is one of Kendra and I the morning of the wedding. :-)

Gotta have your shoes on right!

Lots of visiting

True love watching more true love blossom. :-) The Lord blessed Dad with wisdom as he shared exhortation on marriage with Max and Jenny during the wedding. It was a blessing for the rest of us to hear as well as Max.

We did it! Now . . . let's GO!!

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord . . ." Psalms 33:12