August 31, 2008

Strings and Sushi -Vacation #3

After the wedding, we all piled into our bus to begin searching for dinner. We drove by a variety of options: Country Cousin, Burger King, Thai, etc. and the debate began. When we passed by a sushi place, the debate became spicy. After our Country Cousin visit the night before, a few of us wanted to return, but some of us felt a more exotic. The exotic crowd won the day and we were in for a new experience! Peter was our guide as we set off on the adventure of a lifetime. The first time we ate raw fish was to change our thinking forever. :-P

"What sort of raw fish would you like to savor tonight?" "Um . . ." says Dad, "Teryiaki chicken please!"

Peter found himself in the hot seat that night! :-)

What to choose?
The art of sushi~

Seattle was our next stop. Picture a basement full of rare acoustic instruments, the musty odor of oiled wood, hammered dulcimer players in jeans and brightly colored knit hats, little rooms filled with instruments from around the world, and the opportunity to play anything you want? Welcome to Dusty Strings, located in Seattle, WA. What an awesome store!

We saw this beautiful lab on our way to Dusty Strings. Being a labrador lover, I couldn't help but snap a photo. :-)

Dusty Strings is the only music store I've been to that sells hammered dulcimers!

Answering calls for Dr. Patrick Smith . . .

-On the road again-

Next stop: Museum of Flight in Seattle- cool!

August 25, 2008

Vacationing-Stop 2-

Our next stop was Chehalis, Washington. Driving through the rolling hills and wooded glades from Oregon to Washington, we arrived to the little town in good time. Time enough to eat dinner at Country Cousin with some old, very dear friends of ours; Norm and Linda Pfaff.

The next day we attended the wedding of Ashley Haymond and Jeff Baird. Theirs was a love story signed by God. A beautiful example of what happens when two people put the Lord first. Because of this, it was a joy to witness their love, their wedding, and their commitment to each other. I was blessed to be able to be with Ashley while she was waiting for her groom to come and bring her to the wedding feast. This was a precious of time of song, prayer, and preparation. May God bless their lives as they become one with each other and with Him.

Ashley with her sisters, Amy, (left) and Kristen

Opening the shades so we will see the groom when he arrives!


We love you Ashley!
Lady in Waiting: For a few minutes more . . .

Before long, a green suburban zoomed up the drive and a beaming young man jumped out. Ashley cried with joy at the door as the other girls scurried about, collecting themselves while uttering squeals of excitement. "He's here! He's here!" Soon, we were all making our way to the wedding feast, with the groom leading the way, his bride close behind.

Blessings from both sets of parents

I see you Lilly!

Vows of fidelity and love

Caption? :-D

Mr. Haymond presented Jeff with a sword. This represented the transfer of headship that took place as Ashley became Jeff's wife.

The Kiss
Hugs from Mom
His family . . . and
Hers! (Below)

I couldn't resist those eyes. :-)

Mr. Snap, soaking it all in

Peter was all over, capturing the romance and beauty of the day on film.


The Bride and Groom:


There was plenty of time for visiting, becoming acquainted with new friends, and catching up with old ones.