May 26, 2009

Mothers Day at Hume Lake

May 26, 2009

We celebrated Mother's day by driving up to Hume Lake and spending family time together. Simon brought his Hobie, I brought some home-made ginger ale I've been experimenting with, and Max and Jenny brought Graham, that precious little boy who keeps us smiling. I can truly say that Mom lights us our home with the joy and life that radiates from her heart. I am blessed to be her daughter and have her as my best friend.

It's wonderful to celebrate two more mothers in our family this year. We love you Kendra and Jenny!

These are a few photos of our day:

Splash art.

If there is any 'creeping' creature to be found, Jacob will find it. In this case, it looks like some sort of fish. . . hmm . . .
To see the source of this Mommy's amusement, scroll down.


Graham's fan club.

There's no escaping the camera Max, nice try.

It's much easier to just sit still and smile.

Beaches and Frisbee are like Salt and Pepper. They just go together!

One very happy couple who will be sorely missed when they move to Oklahoma in June!

May 19, 2009


May 19, 2009

Earlier this month, we had a free weekend to spend with Daniel and Kendra in Thousand Oaks. Sunday evening found us all enjoying conversation and fellowship with the Chenette family. Mr. Chenette is the pastor of Oak Glen church, a small body located near Daniel and Kendra. It was a great evening . . . complete with popcorn, capture the flag, and some invigorating discussion. :-)

Livvy, keeping up with the big kids on the play set.

Future mommy . . .

Livvy's happy-go-lucky attitude is infectious. I love to watch the way she toddles around trying to keep up with the bigger Littles. Her sweet voice rising in giggles of joy the whole time. We love you Livvy!

A few Chenette children enjoying the play set.

Popcorn goes well with any activity . . . even swinging. ;-)

The next day, we girls piled into the car with all the Littles, driving the California coast towards Santa Barbara zoo. I never realized what an excellent place the zoo is for practicing photography! The texture and unique shapes of the animals fascinated me in a new way. Having the Littles along helped as well, for every animal was amazing (although only for a few moments ;-) and worthy of observation with them. Isn't it wonderful the way children encourage a rebirth of wonder in the hearts of adults?

I couldn't resist snapping a photo of the grins inside the 'Magic School Bus' (as we affectionately call the Parish box-on-wheels). Everyone was ready for a day of fun!

"Look at the turtles, Mom!"

Precious Emerson, blessing us with her smiles.


Twas' a beautiful zoo, and one that was a pleasure to visit.

This was a very cool under-the-water observatory. Check out the turtles!