August 30, 2007


To our readers: Please forgive how long it has been since a new post! The McCrackens covered our camping trip together very well, but I couldn't resist posting a few more pictures. :-) Spending the weekend sailing was balm to my soul. I have always loved being outside in the wind and sunshine and sailing combines so many elements of nature to create a soothing glide across the lake, or a rollicking adventure! Sunshine, wind, water, motion, speed, you've got it all in a sailboat. :-)

Campfire time is of course, one of the highlights of any trip and it was special to share it this trip with the McCrackens. Singing, chatting, or even just sitting quietly watching the fire curl and crackle, we enjoyed this time with them so much. Fun memories will include: We girl's elation on the discovery of running water in the bathrooms, trying to keep Lilly and children clean ( a hopeless task) sitting on boat dock with our camp-dirty feet soothed in the water, washing our hair the old fashioned way, and being for certain as we watched Max and Jenny sail away in the boat that he would propose while out there. :-)

McCrackens left Saturday evening, and loneliness pervaded the camp. Thankfully, we had some great conversation with Jordan Werzinski, who had joined us the day before, which helped to heal the emptiness of camp. :-) His family arrived Sunday for lunch and for a special gathering to worship Christ in the mountains! Fitting, don't you agree? The evening came all to quickly and in record time we had everything packed and ready to head down the mountain.

Lilly helping to pack up the trailer!Setting up camp

Imagination in action

Max getting ready for the nights ahead

"How about over there?"

"I didn't eat the bag of pretzels, I promise!"

Our little sunshine :-)

Sister kisses

Slashing through the lake in the race on Saturday

Hi Simon!!

Hopping in for the last ride with Max as Captain!

We enjoyed learning and visiting with Kit, who began taking sailing lessons in her teens on Huntington Lake. We met her last year and was so happy to see her again this year!

Thanks to the referrals of Kit, Simon was able to join a crew for an all day sailing race on Saturday. It was his first race, and he returned ready to be the skipper on his own boat in a race someday. :-)

Camp time together

Father daughter love

Dad's an expert chopper and kept us a nice supply of wood to keep us toasty warm by the fire

Hugs and loves
Racing with the wind

Here's Kaylee valiantly watching the race while steadily feeling sicker . . . this is where the sunburn came from! :-)

The bond between a Mother and Daughter is priceless

Lilly in her wagon enjoying the sights of the lake!


The whole clan strolling to the lake

Off into the wild blue yonder

We all trotted down to the lake one evening to enjoy the stillness and beauty of the lake at rest. Max-n-Jenny took all the wee ones on a row. Looks like they enjoyed themselves!

Enjoying sweet together time!

What is ooey, gooey, sticky sweet and yummy all over? Your first smore!

Jacob found some wood for a drum and serenaded us all with his own version of "You are loved" by Josh Groban. It goes a bit like this, "You are 'WOVED', it's just the weight of the wood . . . when silence keeps you . . ." :-)

Dockside delight

Dad helping Lilly kick in the water a little without getting her cast wet!

Max-n-Jenny off for an evening row!

Away they go

Kaylee and I having some sister time!

Lots of reading by the fire

And working . . .

Bob enjoying the fruits of his labor in the Bobber

The first day at camp

Daughters of the King


Nichole and Raylene Werzinski enjoying camp time with us

Smile Jordan!

Enjoying some quiet dock time together on Sunday evening. The lighting and setting were so soothing. Beauty is balm to the soul.