July 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

The 29th of June was a very special day. Twelve years old, and blessing our family with his generosity, and helpful attitude, our Jeremy's birthday has come and gone; reminding us once again of God's goodness in giving Him to our family. He is learning his guitar so fast and is a great contributor to our family music nights! It's so much fun to hear you laugh and sing around the house, helping to keep a joyful spirit in the home. :-) We love you Jeremy, and pray that you would always depend upon the strong arms of our Lord Jesus Christ.

July 20, 2007

Summer Fun!

Here are a few pictures of some fun family times that we have enjoyed these past few weeks.

Since Daniel has started a new business, he and Dad have done much discussing. It's been amazing to watch the Lord bless him in his new venture and hear all his idea's, goals, and vision.

Jeremy serenading his wee little niece.



And bright pink lips! (Mom ordered some old fashioned 'Tangee' lipstick a while ago just for fun, and boy does it . . . umm . . . work! :-) Tangee is supposed to change color on every woman, so we laughed as each of us tried it and had a different dramatic effect.

Little Girl's First Rule of Thumb: Never go anywhere without a baby in hand. Even to the pool!

Special family time

With more than one little one around, we have numerous sippy cups left throughout the house. This picture illustrates a common scene. "No, that's my cup!" :-)

July 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday to my Daddy! My biscuit eating, retreat going, tractor driving,
rescuer, protector, guide, and most loving Daddy turned forty-six on July 2.. The past few years have been ones of great change in our family and Dad has been such an example in his prayerful leadership. He shows how much he loves us all in so many ways, big and little. We love you so much Dad!

Dad in the flowers at the retreat he and I (Sally) attended in April.

Tractor work with his little boy

And pulling sticky mouse traps off his daughter's feet . . . Dad always rises to the occasion!

July 12, 2007

Happy 16th Simon!

June and July have been celebration months for the Parish family! Several birthdays have flown by in addition to the adoption and graduation. Starting off with Simon's sixteenth. Simon has grown from a boy into a young man this year and I, the sissy, have loved watching it happen. He gives the tightest hugs, works hard, is an adventurous sailing captain and is so diligent with his responsibilities at home. We love you Simon!

July 10, 2007

Max's Surprise

Max surprised me with an amazing song he wrote for me that night. What a big brother I have! Thanks for sticking with me through all my emotions and girlishness. :-) Sobs wracked me while I was humbled to the dust by this precious token of Max's love. Thank-you Max. I love you.


Stepping into a memory, 17 years ago
Construction paper hearts, one big, one small
For Mom and the brand-new girl
But time has passed and you have grown
Your child’s heart is now a heart of gold
Time can dim, but it can also light,
The flame of love and hope

May you fly, upheld by the strong hands of Jesus
May you love, ablaze with the passion of heaven
May you live, soaring on wings of the angels
May you shine in the dance of eternity’s light

Three foot toddler, blonde pigtail days,
Your greatest joys were the three toed fouls
Strutting ‘round the chicken house
Ten years later, dresses and hair
The innocent, insistent, tattletale
The single rose in the family of thorns
You always had a halo
When all I had were horns

May you fly, upheld by the strong hands of Jesus
May you love, ablaze with the passion of heaven
May you live, soaring on wings of the angels
May you shine in the dance of eternity’s light

But now we’re here, seven years later,
I can say, you’re more then my sister
For God himself reached into time,
Breathed a smile on your soul
That tears cannot bind
And hate cannot hold
You’re more than my sister, you are my friend

June 2007