February 28, 2010

February 28, 2010

A few weeks ago, Simon, Jeremy and I had the opportunity to meet the McDonald family at the Callis home. Playing music, singing, and sharing good food and fellowship together made for a very special evening!

Simon received his crane operating license in the mail two weeks ago. He is now a fully certified heavy equipment and crane operator. Yahoo!!

He has also been doing the finishing touches on our guesthouse. Just in time for the conference!
Jayni came to me the other day with her newest creation: a marionette puppet! Isn't she lovely?

Jayni and Hannah Becker spent special time together when we spent two great days with the Becker family last week. We were able to go horseback riding, do 'circle' time together, take a hike up in the flower-laden hills, and do a lot of playing. A big thank-you to the Becker family for their love and friendship!

Beautiful smiles
After an exhilarating ride, we hosed off Cowboy together. I was thankful for my helpers!

Lills . . . enjoying the hills.


God has filled my heart full to overflowing with awe recently. The beauty of His creation all around me is breathtaking.

February 19, 2010

Ratty and Mole

February 19, 2010

"Friendships need the space and time represented by the open country and the river in The Wind in the Willows. Friendships thrive in the open air and wind and sun. Their value is missed or misunderstood in a world in which money is mistaken as the measure of nearly everything and utility becomes the sole test of value. Friendships exist for their own sakes."

-Vigen Guroian Tending the Heart of Virtue

Art prints by Charles Van Sandwyk

February 18, 2010

Living History at the Parish Ranch

February 18, 2009

While Mom was away, Dad organized a Civil War 'live fire' day with some of our friends. With appointed officers and reenactment gear, the guys drilled, did plenty of live fire shooting, and also shot some clay pigeons with today's guns. A big thanks to everyone who attended! It was great fun.

Drilling up to snuff.

Do I see smiles in the ranks? One at least. :-) Thanks Mr. Smith!

Simon and Tim Smith keeping an eye on the arms.

Eden Callis graced the field wearing her lovely period attire. Her femininity was a delight.

Yay Connor!

Loading is an extensive process with these reproduction muskets.

But thanks to the trusty 'Butterboy', Talon Smith, they accomplished the feat successfully. :-)
Nurse Parish and Private Smith kindly agreed to pose for me.

February 02, 2010