February 25, 2009


February 25, 2009

We met the Welch family a few months ago, and had the pleasure of spending last weekend with them. We enjoyed attending Solomon's Porch together, exploring Reedley's little shops after a book sale at a local church, (thanks for your patience boys!) sang and laughed together, planned our upcoming garden and planted a pea bed, along with of course, lots of visiting and 'get to know you' time. What a blessing!

Our weekend began with beautiful smiles.

Mr. Welch held the little ones captive with their story Bible.

Oh, the Lillys! What a sweet pair of friends! The Welch's daughter Lilly, (or 'the other Lilly' as our Lilly affectionately calls her) is very much like our own Lilly, and the similarities were enjoyed by them both I think. Mrs. Welch saw them on our front porch having fun together and asked them what they were doing. "Oh, we're laughing!" They exclaimed, and erupted again into peals of laughter. :-)

Chattin' on the swing

Hooray! Our pea bed is finally in! We are crossing our fingers that the gophers won't discover this exciting fact as well. Thanks for your help Mr. Welch!

I had to snap a photo of the Moms in the kitchen,

and couldn't resist one of Hannah playing the piano with Jayni,

along with more of those irresistible Lillys!

Mr. Snap strikes again.

Pockets of posies . . . :-)

Amber and I, tired but happy, after a big day on Sunday.

February 17, 2009

Waiting on You

While viewing the amazing film, Fireproof, this song captured me. The music is upbeat, but the words are so, so relevant.

Praise God.

February 13, 2009

New Werzinskis!

February 13,2009

Last month, we had the opportunity to witness the legal adoption of the four newest Werzinski children. We love adoptions. :-) Especially when they happen within the families of dear friends. When we met the Werzinski family two years ago, we had no idea what an encouragement and support they would become. God has been so good as he has brought our two families together. Adoption has become a normal part of life for our Littles. Besides their own experience, they know several friends who have also been adopted. I'm so glad they have these friends.

Christian, Sarah, Erin, and Audra, we love you!

P.S. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera in the car and was unable to go back for it, so these pictures were taken after the adoption, in McDonalds, while we were celebrating with some super delicious cones. My . . . McDonald's ice cream hasn't ever tasted that good! I think they must have changed their recipe. :-)

P.P.S. This day became quite an adventure in the courthouse. You may ask us later about that . . . but one lesson we did learn. Never take a pocketknife into the courthouse. -smile-

Arm wrestling in McDonalds!?! Oh yes . . . tests of strength are possible anywhere.

A sisters shot!

Chatting, licking, soaking in the sunshine . . .

Kayla had just received her Grandmother's purity ring for her birthday.

And Sarah!

Can't get enough of that smooth, sweet, creaminess. :-)

February 04, 2009

Choir Fun

Feb. 4, 2009

Jayni and Jacob are part of a homeschool children's choir in Reedley. This choir program has been a great way to reconnect with other homeschooling families in our community, and also is a lot of fun for the Littles. The morning of their concert at a local rest home, I snapped a few shots of them, all shined up and ready to go. :-)

The audience
And the choir! :-)