February 19, 2008

Prayer Request

To our readers: If the Lord brings us to mind, please pray for Mom. She has been in bed with agonizing back pain for the past five days or so. The pain was so wrenching she could hardly turn over in bed yesterday, but was able to stand and even walk a little today. Dad drove her in to visit Dr. Hooper, a chiropractor in Fresno, who scheduled her for an MRI on Saturday. Watching your Mom endure such a trial is an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone. She has so sweetly waited this out, and is an inspiration to me! Thank-you so much for your prayers.

Meanwhile, this has given me a deeper opportunity to discover what being a Mom is about!


Tamra said...

Oh, wow.
Please keep us updated! We are praying.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've got your hands full Sal! We'll be praying for your mom.


The Werzinski's said...

We're praying for her. The new look is nice.


fatquiver said...

Way to go Sally! It's a great fit for you. Have been praying for your mom. Let us know if we can help in any way. -Mrs. Esau