July 22, 2009

Coming soon

Only a few days after Simon and I returned home from Oklahoma, (post to come soon) we headed off to Oregon to attend Camp Dwight. It was an amazing weekend! I just downloaded my pictures and am hoping to have a post up soon. :-)

Blessings to all of you!

~Sally for the Parish Clan

July 13, 2009

Parish Party!

July 13, 2009

Before Max and Jenny moved, all three Parish clan's met in Morro Bay for a weekend stay at a lovely beach house. Dad's business partner, Chris McClain, generously offered it for our use and it provided a perfect atmosphere for family time. Within walking distance of the beach, we soaked in the sun, surf, and sand, hashed out everything possible to hash -visiting wise-, played music, and attempted some family photos. (Thanks to a tripod!) Another special treat was an afternoon spent at the Welch's home where we celebrated Simon's 18 birthday. Thanks for your hospitality and thoughtfulness Welchs!

Music time

Happy Birthday Simon!

Close communication

Emerson Faith has deep brown eyes with a wide, serious, expresssion. There is a sweet femininity about her personality already beginning to show. We love you Emerson!

Hugs on the patio.

A thorn among roses . . . ;-)
Candid during a visit
Jacobi the lego man
Graham is sampling some carrots or sweet potatoes here, something orange anyway. :-) Yum, yum little man. We love and miss you!!

Jaelynn is growing up so fast, and adores playing teatime and dress-up with Jayni and Lilly. Likewise, they are always eager to spend time with her! It's fun to see the girl troop heartily enjoying themselves in play.

Waiting for Dan and Kendra to get here!

We couldn't make the trip without a flat tire of course. Thankfully, our men had it fixed in a jiffy. :-)

July 11, 2009

Our Graduate

July 11, 2009

Simon John Parish

"He Has Heard" :: "Yahweh is Gracious"

"That the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ."
-1 Peter 1:7

Congratulations on your accomplishment Simon!

Set Apart Girl Conference

July 11, 2009

Before the Set Apart Girl conference, I was blessed with a special treat. Five whole days with my dear friend, Katherine Huber! We talked, and talked, and talked and . . . well, you get the picture. :-) We also enjoyed a refreshing visit to Hume Lake, a few hours weeding the garden with Jeremy, (thanks Kath!) and a lunch out with just us two. We had not spent time together since 2006 and I soaked her in as much as I could. :-) Thankfully, she was able to join our SAG group as well. Love you Kath!

Kaylee McCracken and Raylene Werzinski have both written beautiful tributes to our time together in Colorado. It was a close time of fellowship for each one us, during the conference, but especially spending hours and hours together in the car. I truly felt as though each girl had become my sister! A big thank-you to Eric and Leslie Ludy, and their team for the incredible conference! It was a time of immense encouragement to me personally and as Kaylee said, difficult to describe. I came home feeling renewed and filled up with zeal for Christ, our great and mighty Lord and Savior.

I enjoyed visiting with Mrs. Callis and Mrs. Werzinski during my time in the front seat. They were our adopted 'mothers'l during that time, and did an incredible job. Thank-you both for your patience, your energy, and your effort in organizing this trip!

Thank-you for driving all that way Mrs. Werzinski!

I hadn't met Rebecca Kinabrew before the trip, but am so glad for the opportunity! She is a sweetie.

Here are a few dear girls I met in the dining room.

The Colorado campus was beautiful!

On the road again.
Eden was our trip photographer and did an amazing job. She was never without her camera and worked tirelessly to document our memories in film. Thank-you Eden!

A few more girls I met . . .

I met Brittany through Katherine. She is a CollegePlus counselor, and a caring, friendly, beautiful young woman with a heart for the Lord. We three strolled the paths along the campus during a break, getting to know each other better, and connecting as sisters in Christ. Meeting other young women who are also traveling the narrow path is greatly encouraging.

Here we are getting registered. We're still discovering we have legs after sitting so long. :-P

After each stop, we mixed up the seating arrangement. Doing so provided opportunity to connect with each girl in the van.

This is an example of two things that happened often in the car. Sleeping, and laughing!

Deciding the best route.
I couldn't help but smile whenever we stopped and got out to eat. Coming from a family of mostly boys, being in a group of 13 girls was such a novelty.