May 23, 2006

More on the Telians

Not to be outdone by those Hubers Peter and Jesse Telian show some real comic faces. You will have to judge for yourselves who is the comicist.

Of course, Scott and Donald, trying to keep a low profile in the middle of all of this, were caught having good fellowship.

May 22, 2006

Last Saturday evening, we were blessed by a visit from the Telian family! They were passing through the valley, and were able to stop in on their way home ~ Thanks Telians!
It was an enriching evening of fellowship that consisted of much visiting, laughter, music, game-playing, and various outdoor activities. We enjoyed so much getting to know the Telians on a more personal basis, and we were uplifted by our time together.

May there be many more such visits in the future!

~Below are a few pictures of the evening . . .

The friendship of these precious young ladies has blessed me so much. Each age fills a special place in my heart!

No evening of fellowship is complete without music!

Games . . .

Storytime . . .

May 15, 2006

Mother's Day 2006

Here are the happy eaters. Sally, Kristen Joy, Anna, Mom Parish, Grandma McAllister, Jeremy, Joseph, Mark, Simon, Ruthann, and...and...oops, I cut my dear wife out of the picture! We are thankful for all mothers!

God has commanded us to honor our mothers and He hooked a promise to that command...that our days would be long in the land. We recently heard that did not necessarily mean a long life, but it meant a continuation of generations, enjoying God's blessing as a result of the honor of parents.

We also discussed the circle of life in the generations recorded in the Bible...many mother's names mentioned, representing much sorrow and joy over the course of many years...mothers deeply involed in it all!

Sally copied out quotes from "Daugher's of Destiny" which she passed around for each to read, showing the impact mothers have made on lives of famous men. Of course, many non-famous men, nameless, have been encouraged in doing their duty by faithful mothers, making a difference in ways that only God knows and keeps recorded in His book of those who love Him and speak often of Him.

And here are two happy Parish ladies. One mother in Isreal, and one dauther of the King.

Mother's Day 2006

Here are some fine young shining faces taken after our meeting yesterday.

Sally, Simon, Joseph, Anna, Jeremy, Mark, and Kristen Joy.

And of course, here is a better closeup of some beautiful young ladies.

May 07, 2006

Head Over Heels

Okay, okay, settle down. I guess I got a little carried away with the title. Let us be rational here. What we are looking for are the cold hard facts. There is a time to put away all bias and look at reality objectively, and that time is now. In no way do I intend to offend anyone's sensitivities in the following analisys. Again, when discusing truth claims such as these, it is important to leave emotion and sentiment out of the process.


Last weekend I was able to finally spend some quality time with my niece, Miss Jaelynn Grace Parish. (Kind of rolls off the tongue beautifully doesn't it?) I simply want to announce that she is the absolute (unqualified) best baby I have ever come in contact with, in my long life of 20 years.

1. Jaelynn is the most asthetically attractive baby alive, to date. (in otherwords, cuter then any other baby.)

2. Jaelynn is tempramentally impeccable.

3. At this point, little can be known about Jaelynn's intellectual faculties, but based on certain activities of the vocal cords and vision instruments, caused by carefully designed stimuli, Jaelynn shows promising signs of genius.

If after viewing the photograghs below, you still have objections to my propositions, I have two suggestions to be followed in order.

1. Visit your local optomitrist and make sure you are using the right prescription. Then look at the provided photograghs again.

2. If the above procedure doesn't change your mind, the only option is to take a trip to Woodland Hills, CA, and hold Miss Jaelynn Grace with your own hands.

May 04, 2006

May 4th ~ The National Day of Prayer

"On this day of prayer, we would like to lift up the soldiers of our country Lord, who are away fighting for the freedom of others. We pray that You would keep them in the hollow of Your almighty hand. Protect them, give them courage, give them peace, and draw them to you Lord. There are many who don't know you, and we pray that you would even change them, and draw them to You. We pray for those who do know you, Lord, that you would be their firm foundation, and their Rock of Defense.

Remember them Lord . . . "

In your prayers today, please remember our soldier who is fighting bravely in Iraq, Thomas Semmens. Thomas is a crew chief for a Black Hawk helicopter. He has had many sobering experiences in the few months he has already served. Including are the deaths of 8 fellow soldiers from the Alaska National Guard, who left the same time he did. One of those fellows was his age and had become a good friend. We pray that Thomaas will arrive home safely after he returns from service. He was married in July of 2005 to his sweet wife Julie, before flying out to the field of battle a few months later. May our Lord bless and protect you both. Please know how much we love and support you Thomas!!! Our prayers are with you always.

~The Parish Family