September 21, 2007

Sally Beth

It is not too late to say that Sally is now a major...I mean, she is now in the majority...I mean...she passed her eighteenth birthday. You know...she is no longer a minority...I mean, a minor!

What a joy she has been to our family these 18 years. A ray of sunshine sparkling with the joy of the LORD.

May the LORD God Almighty bless her and keep her. I always say..."Every dad needs a sweetpea".



Porch chunks??? What???

Well, most all little kids call food by funny names.... know...

basgetti = spagetti
besert = desert
benato = tomato

But "porch chunks"???

You can image the chuckle we had when Jacob said at the table one evening..."Mommy, are we having porch chunks?"

Can you guess what they might be?

Ah, yes...if you guessed pork chops, you were right.

Dad Parish

September 13, 2007

Despite tearful goodbyes, flowers, and farewell notes, Max wrenched himself away from his family to catch his plane headed to South Carolina. The time had come and we had all gathered in our little Fresno airport to send him on his way to his first overseas trip. Bound for Romania, he spent a day with the Browns before flying out with him and the rest of the group for their final destination.

Max was blessed with the opportunity to accompany Scott Brown with the Uniting Church and Home ministeries as they travel through the country speaking, encouraging, and being used of the Lord there. I already miss him terribly but know this is of the Lord, and will be wonderful for him.

Please pray for Max and the group as they share and travel through Romania!

We love you Max!

September 10, 2007

Lessons in Love

Lessons about "Being in Love" learned from sisters:

1: When together, always take the long way anywhere

2: Never attempt to start a conversation, or continue one with one person while the happy couple are busy gazing into the other's eyes. Useless . . . I've tried. "Um, is anyone there?" :-)

3. Being in love makes the speed limit seem much more reasonable. In fact, several miles below the speed limit seems better.

4. Someone needs to invent a car that allows each one to exit the car without having the heart wrenching task of letting go of the other's hand to do so.

5. Love makes your senses come alive. "Take time to smell the roses" becomes the phrase to live by.

6. Being in love makes sappy jokes hilariously funny.

7. Being in love transforms monotonous household chores into bliss when done with your beloved.

8. Being in love means indescribable happiness

9. Grins that split the face in two pop out constantly.

10. Being in love nutures your sense of humor

11. Being in love causes you to levitate at least two inches off the floor wherever you go or do. Floating here and there . . . joy gives lightness to your feet

12. A girl no longer cheers for Father in arm wrestling, rope climbing, hand standing, etc. Her beloved now has her heart and support.

13. Being in love means relearning how to do ordinary tasks with one hand. Whether driving, cleaning, doing little girl's hair, or turning book pages, it's a happy adjustment.

~By Sally and Kaylee . . . to be continued as observed.

September 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Lilly!

We celebrated Lilly's third birthday today, but her first birthday with our family. She is our precious little gigglebug, always smiling, singing, or chatting with someone; even if it's herself! ;-)

Lilly has a great sense of humor, and keeps us in stitches. Today as we were singing she paged through the songbook, convinced that she'd find "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in there somewhere! Unfortunately she didn't find it, but does serenade us often.

Praying God's blessings on your life Lillyann. May He raise you up to be a virtuous woman who is beautiful inside and out! We love you!

September 01, 2007

The Way of a Man and a Maid

Hooray!!! Hoorah!!!! Hallelujah!!!

Max and Jenny are engaged! Beautifully, wonderfully engaged to be married! :-) I will now have another precious sister who is truly a sister in everything but blood. Congratulations to you both. May your love flourish with time, growing stronger and more powerful as the years go by, ever becoming a likeness of the love between Christ and His Bride. Watching you two has struck awe in my heart at the Creator of love, the One who IS love. May His name be ever praised in you as serve Him in a richer and more full way together.

Max, I will always remember all of our late night chats encouraging each other, helping each other to wait for God's best. I will always remember the desperate loneliness in your heart before Jenny came dancing in, because of the enormous contrast it gives to who you are now and the joy that sings from your heart every day. You, my big brother, have found her. The King's daughter who is all glorious within and without. I am bubbling over with joy because of God's blessing to you in this celebration of His faithfulness! I love you so much Max. Now a man, soon to be a husband, but always my big brother. :-)

"Three things are too wonderful for me; four I do not understand: the way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a serpent on a rock, the way of a ship on the high seas, and the way of man with a maid." ~Prov. 30:18,19

Watching this man with this maid has been a feast for the 'true-love' hungry eyes. :-)

God bless you,

Sally, for the Parish Family