August 12, 2010


Free . . .

Simon recently discovered a popular "jump-off" spot for hang gliders about 30 minutes away from our house. One afternoon, the Littles, Mom, and I joined him and zoomed up the mountain to watch them take-off.

I wish you could have seen the look in Simon's eyes as he watched glider after glider take the plunge. (Literally!) Someday this dream may come true . . .

Mountain joy

Chatting with the owner of the spot. He was a devoted Christian and couldn't stop praising God. Isn't it a blessing when you find believers at the most unexpected places?


The McCracken family said...

This reminds me -- we've got to send you guys (Simon especially) a youtube link about Leonardo DaVinci. There's a guy - his name is even Simon!- who built a glider from Leonardo's design. Gotta send it your way :-)
Hope you all had a great time up there watching them fly!